Tuesday, April 07, 2009

tips on being a grandpa

  • Lose your dignity. Get in the floor with the grand kids even if you need help to get back up. Sing silly songs. Make them up and encourage the little ones to make up their own verses. Of course, all this silliness lasts until they start kindergarten when they will get all sophisticated on you. Of course, it's great fun to tell corny jokes when they become teenagers.
  • Carry plenty of change. Since I retired I don't carry money; I just use my debit card everywhere. But, when you have the grand kids along you never know when you'll meet up with the ice cream man, or one of those vending machines with the claw and the stuffed toys.
  • Don't be a disciplinarian. It's the parents' job to train them to be good citizens and it's your job to give them a break from all that. (exceptions: you have to keep the little twerps from pit bulls, street traffic, and sharp objects.)
  • Savor the time spent with them. I was surprised at how fast my daughters grew up, and now the grand kids are leaving the nest even quicker. So listen to their stories, laugh with them, and make as many memories as possible because they will be gone before you know it.


Kelly said...

tips from an expert!

ml said...

I had a lot of trouble leaving my first comment, so I'll try again. Pardon me if I repeat myself. I like this advice because it seems to come directly from your own experience; no cliches in sight. And advice to grandparents can be hackneyed and cutsie; this is more practical. Thanks. Now, if you can only persuade our only child, now 35, to take the biggest leap of faith of adult life.

Lorna said...

Oh, you are wise!

Envoy-ette said...

This is the sweetest picture. You are right again, Grandparents just need to love & accept their grandchildren. My own kids don't like to be around Hubby's mother because she barks at them constantly, and insults their mother. What time she has lost with them because of it.