Sunday, April 26, 2009


Winter has finally given way to spring and the hostas have emerged from their winter sleep. The humming bird scouts were buzzing around the porch so I set up feeders and two male scouts immediately began to dip into the sugary mixture. After a few days they were joined by more males competing for space at the hanging feeder. We expect the humming bird wives and kids to arrive any day. A perfect morning is to sit in the yard with a cup of coffee admiring the hostas, and being entertained by the antics of the humming birds and purple martins.

Here is the hosta Variegata Undulata next to some Dianthus.

This is a Frances Williams hosta. It's one of my favorites in the garden right now. I've planted several new varieties and am anxious to see how they develop this year.


Anonymous said...

I have a similar variegated hosta, but would love to try that Frances William!

- Sherrill

dawn said...

The Frances William hosta is lovely, is it drought resistant?

wally said...

Hostas are shade and moisture loving plants. The Frances Williams can take up to 4-6 hours of direct sunlight each day. Mine is a young plant and will eventually grow 20" high and 36" across.

Kelly said...

I guess I better get my hummingbird feeder up and ready! When will you split up those hostas and share?!!

Lorna said...

I've never seen a real hummingbird.

ml said...

This is amazing, Wally! I was just admiring the hosta undulata, and thinking how the screen version sort of makes it look like it's undulating, and then I saw your Francis William! Do you know that's my favorite hosta of all? I broke my frugal rule and spent muchos $$$ on getting six or so of these on sale in a plant catalogue about 8 years ago. They're in my shade garden, and because they're vying with the sweet woodruff and lily of the valley and solomon seal, they're not as showy as this one of yours. You're giving me ideas about how to showcase the hosta by itself, so it really stands out more than mine do. But that Francis William! Wow! We can be proud of our taste, Wally.
PS: Have you read Michael Connelly yet?