Saturday, November 05, 2011

Occupy Tahlequah

This morning I drove over to Tahlequah to check out the occupy movement there.  I met with Richard and Ashley Oates and Kate Starr who were occupying the space in front of the local Bank of America. They were distributing fliers urging people to transfer their money from the big banks to local smaller banks and credit unions.  Smaller regional banks are actually sounder than the commercial giants who ran the economy into the ditch and then came to the taxpayers for a bail out.  Credit Unions are owned by the share holders themselves and traditionally loan at lower interest rates and pay higher interest for deposits. Transferring your money is a practical move. If you are in the Tahlequah area stop by and give these people your support.

Richard, Ashley, and Kate


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support & solidarity Wally! Wonderful to have made your acquaintance. -Ashley Oates

S. Davis said...

We do have credit union accounts "back home", but I don't even know if one exists here? Thanks for the coverage.