Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Occupy Tulsa

I drove to Tulsa to donate some supplies to the Occupy Tulsa movement. While I was there I took these photos and visited with some of the demonstrators who were holding  a vigil outside the Bank America building.

They pitched their tents in the shadow of Bank America

In some of the media stories Occupy Wall St. demonstrators have been portrayed as homeless or unemployed people.  The people I talked with  were students or people with jobs who gave their time to the cause after work or on their days off.



Nance said...

Excellent, Wally!

I think that, for the earliest Occupations in NYC and DC, some of the first to take up residence were the country's gypsies, The Rainbow Family. Not all, mind you, but some. As the nation took up the movement, more and more of us identified with the 99%. The response is gratifying. Long may it wave.

Steven said...

It's so much easier to slander these people than to talk to them. Thank you for talking to them...

Raksha said...

When the Zombie Apocalypse wakes up, it becomes the Occupation. It's easier to wake up now that there is such an obvious and painful disconnect between fabricated media-generated "matrix" and the gritty reality of our daily lives as the 99%. That's when the propaganda stops working.

I'm very glad to hear you are supporting the movement by donating supplies to Occupy Tulsa. I haven't done anything of a concrete nature yet, but I will.