Friday, December 02, 2011

the telephone company

Yesterday I called the phone company and had my land line disconnected.  When we bought our first cell phones we continued the land line because that was our only source for the internet. Two years ago we had satelite internet installed so I called the phone company to have the land line disconnected. The customer service representative talked me into keeping it for a low monthly fee of around five dollars. After the taxes and fees were added the bill came to twelve dollars. In June of this year the bill jumped to 22.00 then this month it jumped to 27.00  That's increasing faster than the rate of inflation.  I called.  They explained that the price of local service went up, but had no explanation as to why it increased. I had them to disconnect the line.  The government tells us that inflation is quite low.  The truth is that inflation is quite high. We're being lied to.

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Lorna said...

there are so many options now; you'll probably be glad you've split.