Friday, June 22, 2012

Continued Vacation

Up early this morning and on to Biltmore Estate.

Hundreds of Canadian geese block the road on the estate. Horns were honked
to no avail. Then for some reason they all ran across the road in less than 3 seconds.

In the gift shop Jenna discovered free samples of
pretzels and blackberry lemonade. She stood there until she
had her fill.

Then it was on to Chimney Rock.

Jenna and Hunter sit on top of the rock


We took an elevator up to the rock and walked back down
these stairs. If you plan to visit Biltmore and Chimney Rock
I would advise some training on a stairmaster.

We stopped at the old Henry River Mill village because
Marley is a big fan of the Hunger Games series. This is where
they filmed part of the movie.

Marley thinks she recognized this as Catness's house.



lucylocket said...

Very nice photos. I enjoyed Biltmore House. Of course, my favorite room was the library. The gardens are outstanding, too.

It looks like all of you are having a good time on your vacation. Enjoy the rest in my part of the country.

S. Davis said...

I loved vacationing with my grandparents - they will always remember that!