Thursday, June 14, 2012

When we were younger

We have a big garden this year but when we were younger we planted bigger gardens.

Dorothy at work

We now have central heat and air but when we were younger
I cut and split wood to warm us.


Steven said...

I once had a unhealthy relationship with a splitting maul and assorted wedges. We burned 7 cords a year and I had to find them in the woods until I got smart and paid for a load of logs to be delivered to our place each fall. Then I could cut and split at my leisure. 11 years of that and I wouldn't ever own a fireplace again. Give me a thermostat every time!

Dawn said...

Wally, that's not a garden, it's a farm! I can't imagine what you did with all that produce!

Raksha said...

Beautiful - I've always wanted a garden like that and never had one. Guess I COULD plant the three potbound Celebrity tomato plants I should have planted two months ago. Hey, at least I kept 'em alive - that's something anyway!

S. Davis said...

I agree with Dawn - looks like a farm!