Thursday, November 22, 2012


I am thankful not just for the abundance of food and material comfort I am able to enjoy, but also for my family and the fact that we can share good times together. My daughter, Rachel, and her husband Brad were not able to be with us, but they will join us for Christmas.

Hunter, Kelly, Jenna, Burk, Marley
Before the rest of the family arrives Jenna takes
her place with a can of root beer.
The line forms to the left.
After the meal the Black Friday ads are perused for bargains.
They'll start tonight instead of just before dawn.
After dinner ennui.
The one person not using a smart phone is watching a ball game.
Bill is about to fall asleep.
Tara, Jarrett, and Gracen

Later, Hunter and Gracen eat ice cream together.


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