Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Iced Tea

Dorothy and I were eating at a barbecue restaurant the other day. We were at the self serve drink station and I was about to fill my glass with diet Coke when I glanced over at Dorothy who was filling her glass with iced tea.  I normally don't like to drink ice tea in restaurants because it's so weak.  Very few people know how to make good tea especially restaurant employees. Well, the tea flowing from the spigot into Dorothy's glass was that dark reddish brown color of well brewed tea. I tried it and was surprised at how good it was, so good, in fact, that I commended the owner on his tea making abilities. It was the best tea I've had in a restaurant since 2004 when Dorothy and I ate at Tony's Caribbean Café (oh, the irony) in Asheville, NC.

Tea has become very popular in recent years, mostly because of the anti-oxidants. It is prepared in a variety of flavors, but for me I'll take the good old fashion orange pekoe and pekoe black (Lipton).  I won't bore you with a recipe because everyone has their own taste and preference.  Just let me say that it has to be strong and taste like tea, not water. Also, tea has not steeped long enough until the final product has a red color when held up to the light.

 We steep our sun tea on the roof of the pump house next to our
 lucky cow skull.
Here is how a glass of tea should look.


lucylocket said...

Sweet or unsweet?

wally said...

We always make a pitcher of unsweet tea and I put a little stevia in mine