Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Day

The cows are in the pasture.
Cinnamon rolls are on the table
fresh from the oven.
The icing, still warm,  is dripping on the table.
Get the plates and forks.
I'll pour the ice tea.
This is our first canner of green beans this summer. When Dorothy
turned off the stove and let it cool the lid was stuck. Nothing we tried
would budge it. I researched online and got all kinds of advice.
Dorothy broke one of the lid handles with a hammer and I broke the other
with some channel locks. Finally, I heated the canner back up and kept
trying to twist the lid open and at just the right temperature it easily
opened. I should never have gone against my own philosophy, which is
"Finesse always trumps brute force".
While we were struggling with the canner, down in the Caribbean our Daughter Rachel
and her husband Brad were sailing to St. John.

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