Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Days and Summer Nights

Wednesday night severe thunderstorms came sweeping down the plains. Mild storms don't interrupt my sleep, in fact, distant thunder that seems to roll on forever down the hollows and valleys is very conducive to a good night's snooze.  But these storms brought a long series of lightning strikes that lit up the house as bright as day with a loud Crack! and a window rattling boom.  Not much sleep came my way that night. But joy comes in the morning.

I was out early checking the garden and I made a good haul.

Dorothy was busy yesterday afternoon. Here is her first batch of
blackberry jelly and peach freezer jam. Our friend Laura Palone
gave us some peaches that she bought in Porter, a town famous
for the fruit.
And, of course, whenever fresh peaches are in the house we must
have fried pies. I think it's the law here in Oklahoma.
 After making jam it's necessary to test it. So a pan of biscuits along with eggs and sausage and hot coffee was the perfect way to evaluate it.
While we were eating breakfast this morning our grand daughter Marley
(far right) was having waffles with her friends in Montreal, Canada. She was
with a church group on a mission trip.

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