Sunday, August 18, 2013

Area 51

Have you heard the news? The government has declassified the infamous Area 51 in Nevada.  At first I expected bus tours to  be organized so that those of us who have been curious about the goings on out there in the desert could go take a look. After all the UFO sightings and rumors we deserve to finally know the truth.  Every few years a TV news crew attempts a penetration of the perimeter but are always turned back by armed, uniformed military men driving ominous looking SUVs.  On a vacation in 2003 I even took my family through the surrounding area to see what we could see.

Kelly, Sami holding Hunter, Marley picking
up a rock, Tara, Dorothy.

Here we are by  a UFO which evidently had crash landed outside the boundaries
of Area 51 (which is just beyond those mountains in the background.)
It's obvious that aliens frequent the inn. 

In the article I read officials claim the site was used to test the U2 spy plane during the 50's and 60's and the stealth technology on some newer aircraft. Admittance to the area will still be forbidden to the general public which makes me think they are still hiding something. Maybe I should make another trip to investigate. I'll start packing as soon as I can find my tinfoil hat.


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Rain Trueax said...

That's funny. I think we all know they only tell us what they have to or has been revealed already somewhere else. Can't trust the little people, dontchaknow. Not that I think they have a spaceship and bodies there, cuz not sure I believe in such; but if they did, they'd not tell us...