Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nancy Ward - Beloved Woman of the Cherokees

Last night Dorothy and I went to the Center for Performing Arts at Northeastern University at Tahlequah, OK to see a production of the musical "Nancy Ward - Beloved Woman of the Cherokees".  This story is especially dear to  Dorothy because she is a descendant of Nancy Ward . Dorothy's niece Paula Chaffin and her friend Kathy Morgan had singing parts. The play and music was written by Becky Hobbs the country song writer and singer who is also a descendant of Nancy Ward. It's the story of Nanyehi (Nancy Ward's Indian name) and how she helped her people to achieve peace with the White European settlers and to modernize Cherokee society by introducing farming, dairy production and other means of commerce.


Dorothy and Paula pose with Duane Sciacqua, a musician whose
resume includes playing guitar for the Eagles and Paul McCartney.
Duane is married to Becky Hobbs.

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