Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Summer Eating

It seems that I'm spending most of my blogging time writing about food.  Well, it's summer.  Each year I expect to lose weight in the summer because we practically become vegetarians with all the stuff coming out of our garden. But I realize that's not possible with all the jams and jellies, pies and cobblers, breads and cakes made from fresh ingredients during this season. For example, we had a very nice low calorie taco salad for lunch today, then for dessert we had this pie that just came out of the oven:

Blackberry-Peach Buttermilk Pie

Maybe I can get back to watching my weight in the fall.

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Raksha said...

I had trouble finding your last email, so I'm posting this here to let you know your box arrived today! I couldn't believe it came so fast. The tomatoes are perfectly ripe. Unfortunately, one of them was a bit bruised, so I cut out the soft spot and ate the rest on the spot. I had almost (not quite) forgotten how good homegrown tomatoes are. I haven't tasted the blackberry jam yet, but I opened the salsa and had some on a quesadilla a little while ago. The taste of the homegrown tomatoes definitely comes through in it.

I can see where you'd have trouble keeping your weight down with that kind of homegrown abundance as a standing temptation. Thank you so much for sharing the wealth!