Sunday, January 16, 2005

what I'm reading now

I'm reading Franklin and Winston, a book about the relationship between Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill and their collaboration during WWII to deny the aggresive ambition of German Nazism and Japanese imperialism.


The_thinker_82 said...

Does it describe the scene where Churchill is in the bath tub?

If so I'll let you tell the story, it's a funny one.

wally said...

I believe that is when Churchill is just stepping out of the tub when FDR enters the room. Embarassed, FDR excuses himself and begins to leave. Churchill says, "No need to leave Mr. President. As you can see, I have nothing to hide from you."

The_thinker_82 said...

That's the one... actually I regret bringing it up because now I have the mental image of winston churchill buck naked and it just won't go away.