Thursday, January 27, 2005

winter phenomenon

The weatherman is forecasting freezing rain tonight. With every wintry prediction comes an interesting phenomenon. People flock to the stores and stock up on groceries and toilet paper. Now, if we lived in Minnesota that might be a good idea. It may be weeks before you could venture out. But in Oklahoma, if there were a blizzard tonight we would be housebound until tomorrow afternoon. Yet, when the snow arrives, there they are at Walmart loading their carts with enough provisions to outfit and Arctic expedition. Whenever the roads are icy, people get an urge to drive on the stuff. Believe me, when I retire I will not leave the house during freezing precipitation. But I think some people actually enjoy driving along, slipping and sliding, into the ditch, out of the ditch, merrily along.


Tina said...

I just stopped by because I saw where you stopped by my site.... So I thought I would pay the same respect to you.. but one questionis how did you get to my spot?

wally said...

Hi Tina
Actually, I don't remember going to your spot.