Sunday, January 16, 2005


While the rest of the country has been experiencing crazy, unusual weather, so has eastern Oklahoma. Only, ours is a good kind of unusual. I was hoping for mild weather for my last winter as a mail carrier and my hopes have been realized. (so far) We've had two snows without significant accumulations so there's been no slipping and sliding on the way to work; just bone chilling cold, and even that has been relieved every few days with 60 degree temperatures.

I wonder how the winters will be, post retirement. I think I might sit on the porch swing and watch it snow, all bundled up against the cold and sipping hot chocolate, with the luxury of going inside whenever the mood strikes me. And summers; just think, I can work in the garden in the morning and spend the heat of the day in air conditioned comfort. What a life that's going to be!


Freezing Frog said...

Hi Wally - I have a long way to go before I retire, but I am looking forward to it already. Like your blog.

Sandie said...

HI Wally,
Here in California we are finally enjoying some of our famous sunny weather. We had some horrible rains for a couple of weeks and even a couple of tornados. That gave us a bad rep. Won't last though.
You talking about sitting on the porch and watching the beautiful white stuff falll from the sky reminded me of this favorite reading. Enjoy, I laugh every time.