Saturday, April 16, 2005

And here's a poem I wrote for my daughter Kelly when she was just 13.

To Kelly
Hey, Kelly, slow down!
You're growing up too fast.
It's hard to believe
How the years have passed.
I have so many pictures
Of you in my mind.
I think of them often as
You leave childhood behind.
When I remember how the wind
Would blow your yellow hair
About your cherubic face
It just seems so unfair
That life takes little girls
And turns them into grads,
Just when it's smoothing the
Rough edges from their dads.
I see myself
When I look at you.
But your free spirit
Will enable you
To soar beyond my dreams
To heights I've never known.
Your flight has begun
Although you're not quite grown.
You are my daughter.
We're bound by flesh and blood.
But as you grow
The memories will flood
My heart and soul.
It's hard not to cry.
But, Kelly, I love you
So fly, little girl, fly!

C. 8-31-84

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