Tuesday, August 23, 2005

different species

Noah put two of each kind of animal on the ark. Male and female. In humans the differences between the sexes go far beyond gender. They are two separate species. In the good old days ( a long time ago) humans were hunters and gatherers. Men were hunters and women were gatherers. These traits have been passed down the generations like runners handing off a DNA baton, father to son, mother to daughter. In no other area of life will you find more evidence for these characteristics than the way we shop. When a man shops he knows what he wants to buy or he wouldn't be shopping. Like a cheetah stalking its prey, he enters the store, goes directly to the department where the item resides, picks it up and makes a dash to the check out counter. Mission accomplished.

The female species enter a store with only a vague idea of what she wants to buy and meanders through the merchandise, picking up things, laying them down, making comparisons, going through a mental process that even with modern technology scientists have failed to decipher. If she manages to buy something on sale, she returns home aglow with the pride of having "saved" money.

Names have been omitted in this post to protect the innocent (me). The fact that I went shopping with Dorothy and Kelly yesterday is purely coincidental.

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