Wednesday, August 24, 2005

envoy-ette's game

envoy-ette in her blog It Could Be Worse asked readers to participate in a game in which she posts her recollections of the reader according to the following criteria:
  • What song or movies reminds her of you
  • She'll pick a color/flavor of jello to wrestle you with
  • She'll say something that only she and you will understand
  • She'll tell you her first memory of you
  • She'll tell you what animal you remind her of
  • She'll ask something she's always wanted to know about you

Here are her responses for me:

2) Forever Rod Stewart. (I see you singing it to your grandkids)

3) Orange Jello. We can throw it against the walls and see if it's a good color.

4) "Here I am!"

5) A deep thinking postal worker....that adores his family.

6) A ground hog. You come up when something interesting is going on...but otherwise...don't bother me....I'm thinking and pondering "life".

7) Did you really hit that snake in your living room with just ONE SHOT?

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