Wednesday, May 10, 2006

one of life's most embarrassing moments

I'm embarrassed. I jumped the gun, not to mention the wrong conclusion. I labored under a misconception. I made an unwarranted assumption. I quit the blog to save money by ending my internet and land phone service. Yes, it's harder to stretch retirement dollars from month to month simply because there's not as much of them as there used to be. But my announcement was a little premature.

Two things happened to save the day. Dorothy graciously stepped up to the plate and found a job. She's working today, on a trial basis, at a bakery/cafe in Siloam Springs. It's a trial to see if she likes the job and if the owner likes her. I have confidence that after today the owner will not want to let her go. Dorothy can outwork any two people and once her baking skills are discovered that will clinch the deal.

The other thing is that I called the phone company and believe it or not was actually able to talk to a human. We went over the monthly bill (which had jumped 25% in the last month) and we were able to trim some unneeded services which will cut the monthly bill to less than half of what it was.

I'm a little uneasy about sharing such personal aspects of my life but this blog is about, not only the joys of retirement life, but the unplanned speed bumps that I encounter as I try to find my way in the post work world. Perhaps my story will help other people contemplating the big jump into retirement to prepare a little more carefully.

At any rate, I'm gratified by the responses I've received, both in phone calls and emails. I wasn't aware that so many people were paying attention. I use a stat counting service but can't always identify my readership.

Well that's enough of that. I have some photos of Marley Kate's T-ball game I need to upload so I'll see ya later.

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Envoy-ette said...

Oh GOODY!!! You are back! This news is the best I've had today. As Hubby is considering retiring from the military, I will pass the "careful planning" news to him. We still have elementary age kids to pay for. I hear they only get more expensive as they get older! Good to see your pics again!