Wednesday, January 31, 2007

apple pie

For tonight's evening meal I'm making Sesame Orange Roughy. It only has 97 calories per serving, so I thought we could afford to eat a little dessert. I made an apple pie. It's the second apple pie I've made in my life. The first one was 34 years ago. We're just going to eat a small slice with no ice cream, and if any of the kids or grand kids come over we'll send the rest of the pie home with them.

I followed the recipe in a cookbook and it didn't make enough pie crust dough. So, I made some more and patched the crust here and there. It didn't turn out very pretty, so I hope it tastes good to compensate for the poor aesthetics.

I was just thinking. The first pie in 34 years. Now that I'm retired, I need to be a little more adventurous and try new things, expand my mind and my horizons and all that. Let's see, what have I done in the last 16 months?

  • volunteered helping the Katrina victims.
  • painted a couple of pictures
  • worked for awhile as a volunteer firefighter
  • I'm teaching an ESL class
  • started cooking
  • started an online book selling business
  • Yesterday I started a new poem. The first verse goes like this:

I tell the grand kids stories and

As their eyes begin to shine,

They see inside their heads the

Adventures of this tale of mine........

I'll share the rest of if when it comes to me.

There are many more projects that Dorothy has in store for me but they're to numerous to mention here. I'll feature them here as they are completed.


Anonymous said...

You forgot on the list of things you do, that you watch my kids for me!!
I would like to come for dinner but you can't send that pie home with me!!

Sherrill said...

I'd like to get the recipe for the fish - sounds yummy!