Sunday, January 21, 2007

the great unstorm

Last Thursday Bill, Karon(Dorothy's brother and his wife), and I met her after work in Tahlequah. We drove around the city and its environs to see the damage done by the ice storm. It was unreal. I was able to get this picture before it got too dark.

This large limb, weighted down with ice simply fell off a tree. We saw telephone poles that had broken under the weight of the ice, electrical wires sagging, homes dark from lack of power. We live twenty miles away and the roads never became impassable. We were fortunate indeed.

Friday, I watched Hunter and Jenna. Jenna is teething and wasn't in the best of moods. I'm surprised that young mothers don't have bulging biceps and huge shoulders from carrying around fussy babies. I called Kelly and she suggested I administer some baby Tylenol and Oragel. That worked and after a good nap she was her old self again.

I put some plastic blocks in the floor for her to play with. These blocks were scientifically designed by kid experts to appeal to little ones and keep them busy for long periods of time. Jenna ignored them. However she was spellbound by the dog dishes, especially the one with water in it.

Then, she was very helpful to me in the kitchen.
"Hey, Grandpa, I'm here to help with the dishes."

The meteorologists on tv predicted a massive winter snow storm for our area. Amounts up to 9 inches were possible. Saturday morning it began to rain and sleet. I took Dorothy to get her hair done by our niece, Juella, and then I went to Marley's basketball game. Afterward we went grocery shopping and decided to get home before the frozen stuff began to accumulate on the roads. To make a long story short, there was snow on our cars when we went to bed last night and nothing when we got up. A warm air mass moved in from the south and now those areas west of us will see some melting of the ice that has troubled them and maybe life can get back to normal for them. I know the weathermen feel compelled to broadcast the worst case scenario because it's less embarrassing for them when the weather turns milder than they predicted than having the opposite happen.

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Dawn said...

Thank goodness some of your ice is finally melting. The news was saying how there is a curfew going on due to break-ins. With the ice melting perhaps it will help with getting the power restored, and people back to their common sense.