Monday, January 29, 2007

time for a change

Time time has finally arrived. It's been creeping up on me for a long time. I'm going to change my way of eating. Over the years I've gradually gained weight, from the time I was married when I weighed 165 lbs until now. Recently, Dorothy and I have learned that some of our friends have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. When I retired, I set a goal of living 30 more years. I want to goof off to compensate for all the years I had to work for a living. But, I want those to be good years, relatively free from disease and disability. Long term obesity and inactivity are the prime triggers for T2D, so it's time to grab the bull by the tail and face the situation.
Dorothy obtained a copy of a diabetic diet so since I'm the primary cook in the family these days I've started using it as a guide to balance the carbs, proteins, and fat plus keep the calories on the down low (how do you like that slang?). Our friends Carol and Carl Keys gave us a Light Cooking cookbook for Christmas (were they trying to tell us something?) and it's a big help in preparing low fat, low calorie meals. I lost 5 lbs the first week and Dorothy lost four. I'll keep you posted about our progress.
I was reluctant to write this post, because once published I'm committed. If I fail then my readers will know (both of them). But were going to put effort into this enterprise and the benefits will far outweigh the loss of all those fast food cheeseburgers. Actually, we haven't been hungry. It seems that if you keep your blood sugar on an even keel by balancing the carbs, protein etc. you don't get hungry. We eat six times a day, after all. I'll keep you updated.


Dawn said...

You may not believe me now, but once you get used to your new diet lifestyle, the fried foods will be a turn off rather than something you crave. Good luck in this endeavour

Lorna said...

It was good to get caught up on you; the pictures of your granddaughter helping with the dishes were hilarious. You gotta love them at that age.

A couple of years ago, I lost 30 lbs counting fat and fibre---it was pleasant, it didn't make me focus entirely on food and a byproduct was that I ate healthier than when i counted calories on keep us posted, and good luck with it.

lucylocket said...

It's good you are thinking ahead. Diabetes is no fun. Staying on the diet is really hard for me because Mr. Fixit doesn't have a weight problem, and it seems like I have to cook one meal for him and one for me. Congrats on your weight loss.

Clarence said...

Wally - Since I am one of the two official subscribers to your Blog, does that allow me the right to ask what you weighed before you lost that weight? From 165 to ???????????????
I'm glad to learn that you are more aware than myself and my doctor or the local hospital when it comes to the potential for Type 2 diabetes in a person who is mature and slightly overweight. How slight? You can tell us if you will. Have you had your blood glucose checked lately? If you don't do it or insist that some medical professional does it, you may not know until it is too late.
I laughed a lung out with that comment you wrote about being able to see your own demise if you were on the back porch standing on your tip-toes.