Monday, May 04, 2009

the derby and egg rolls

Saturday, Dorothy and I watched the Kentucky Derby while we sipped mint juleps. She also made Kentucky Hot Browns, open faced sandwiches with turkey, ham, a white cheese sauce and topped with a slice of tomato. We always have a $1 bet. My horse was Musket Man and hers was Dunkirk. Of course the race was won by Mine That Bird a 50 to 1 long shot. Since my horse came in ahead of hers I thought Dorothy should pay me. She didn't think so

It seems that so many of our family gatherings are centered around food. That's why as the years go by we have trouble with weight gain. The kids came down yesterday and we had egg rolls.

As you can see, we always make plenty

Here are the sauces we like to put on our egg rolls. The bottle on the right is a sweet chili sauce imported from Thailand. Very good. We also use wasabi.

Dorothy, Kelly, and Burk enjoy their meals

Tara was unavailable for this picture of the grand kids. Here's Hunter 6, Sam 20, Marley 9, and Jenna 3.


Envoy-ette said...

With pictures like that, you are tempting me to crash your party next year! I don't think Dorothy owes you a dollar, she paid well over that in labor over those delicious eggrolls!

ml said...

My husband and I are food-aholics, so I always like your food posts. However, we learned the hard way that your opening comment (family gatherings centered around food) is all too true. In fact, it's a cultural message throughout much of the world, but particularly in this country: celebration = food. The obesity and adult-onset diabetes rates bear this out. My husband has the latter, so we've HAD to change - but quick! It's much easier to make a lifestyle change - for good - than it is to go on a diet.
(You've given me an idea for a new post, so I'll carry on there).