Friday, October 02, 2009

entertaining the grand kids

Today I picked up all three grand kids after school and took them out for ice cream. They had coupons for free soft serve cones at MacDonald's so we went there first. That's what Hunter (6) and Jenna (3) wanted. Marley and I wanted a cone from Braum's. It took no time at all for Hunter to finish his cone and Jenna had enough after a couple of licks so Hunter ate the rest of hers. Then on to Braum's. Hunter was full and didn't want more so I ordered a mint chocolate chip and Marley the peanut butter cup. Jenna said she wanted what Marley was getting, but when I handed her the cone she refused it. She wanted something different. OK, Hunter agreed to eat Jenna's cone and then Jenna decided on a birthday cake flavored concoction. So we sat at the table as contented as can be as we licked away at our frozen delights.

Before we left I bent over to tie my shoe. I heard Hunter and Jenna laughing and when I sat up they were not only laughing but their faces were lit up with pure joy.
"What's so funny?", I asked.
"We saw your butt crack!" they replied in unison, loud enough for all the customers and crew to hear. Even the kid in back flipping hamburgers looked up.
Hunter, being the sensitive kid he is, must have sensed my discomfort because he whispered in my ear, "It was hairy".
It gives me a sense of fulfillment when I can bring, even in some small way, merriment to my grand children's day.


Lorna said...

Oh, the humbility!

lucylocket said...

Oh, the hilarity!

dawn from Houston said...

Hehe, grandkids, they keep you humble.

Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

Okay, this is hilarious!! I startled the kids by laughing out loud! ;-D