Friday, January 07, 2011

the birds

This week I volunteered to participate in a bird survey for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife.  The survey requires that you check your feeder at least 4 times a day and count the number of each specie that you see, then  record the largest number of specie that you observed at any time. I have observed 15 species so far. Here is the tally:
  •  13 Cardinals
  •   2 House Sparrows
  •   1 White Crowned Sparrow
  •   1 White Throated Sparrow
  •   3 Black Capped Chickadees
  •   2 White Breasted Nuthatches
  •   1 Blue Jay
  •   1 Purple Finch
  •   3 American Goldfinches
  •   1 Carolina Wren
  •   1 Red Bellied Woodpecker
  •   4 Dark-Eyed Juncos
  •   2 Tufted Titmouse
  •   2 Starlings
  •   1 Mocking Bird
I took many photos, but these three are the best. Birds don't always pose just right.

Red Bellied Woodpecker



The woodpecker shares the feeder with an American Goldfinch.


Rain said...

Good photos. I love feeding the birds but never figured out how many types come here. I just loved knowing that when the food is sparse, they happily can be fed one place and count on it.

Lorna said...

All I ever see are Canada Geese and crows---maybe because I live downtown.