Monday, January 24, 2011

what I'm reading now

I just finished another good one by Alan Watts. Myth and Religion is a compilation of lectures that Watts gave over a period of time from 1956 to 1971. In these lectures he questions "whether the image of a divine patriarch is still intellectually plausible in the light of our ever growing understanding of the universe".  And he "explores how Christianity has diverged historically from the teachings of Christ", and states that the Church's "investment in moral issues may  be a ploy to  cover up for the lack of any substantial religious teaching in organized religion today". It's a good read and will be a good exercise in thinking for the reader.


Lorna said...

I'm almost afraid to undertake an exercise in thinking on this subject.

Steven said...

On Wednesday nights, at our church, Bidwell Presbyterian, I'm taking a class on Science and Religion that is being taught by one of our pastors and also the author of 'Creation and Last Things: At the the intersection of Theology and Science', Greg Cootsona. Last night we watched a video of an interview with Dr. Charles Townes, Nobel Laureate for the creation of the Laser and a life long Christian. His current interest is in extraterrestrial life...Dr. Townes believes in integration of science and theology and that's how he lives his life. Refreshing. And really dynamic, considering the fact that he's 97 years old, it's amazing.
Dr. Cootsona's book is also worth a read. It was written while he was still a pastor in New York. (2002) He also has a new book, 'Say Yes to No' which I am just starting on.
All of this is to say that some Christians are well into integration and I'm sure glad we happened to change churches. We're now at a church that welcomes change and encourages thought.

wally said...

I'm going over the Amazon right now and order some books by those men. If I could find a church like yours I'd start attending again.

Steven said...

Finding and joining Bidwell was very much like joining the 21st century...just ten years late.

it helps that Chico is a university town and the church adjoins the campus. Many of the faculty are members. After six years of 'grin and bear it', we look forward to Sunday morning, Wednesday night and Thursday morning.