Sunday, January 30, 2011

imminent blizzard

With modern technology meteorologists are making long term forecasts. By long term I mean the middle of next week. It was 70 degrees yesterday and it felt so good to go outside without a coat and breathe some fresh air. Then, last night I started receiving email alerts for a winter storm that is approaching from the west. The system is still in the Pacific Ocean and the weather service is predicting as much as 10 inches of snow and ice, and bone chilling cold. With the ice storm of two years ago still fresh in my memory I'll be spending the next two days stocking up on kerosene and candles. We lost electricity for 12 days in that storm so I'm getting ready to batten down the hatches.  Of course, there's always the possibility that the forecast is wrong.  I'll keep you posted.


Steven said...

It's raining right now. I'm in the northern Sacramento Valley and all weather systems go east from here.

Good luck! I've been through an ice storm before so I know whereof you speak!

wally said...

The weather channel is using the word "colossal" to describe this storm. I'm hoping that's just hyperbole.

Lorna said...

I hope so too. while we're having a cold winter, there's nothing shocking in it---just the drudgery of getting all your winter clothes on and off.