Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back Home

May 19th, the morning after the class reunion, Dorothy and I left Redlands and headed east for Arizona. We stopped in Golden Valley to pick up Dorothy's sister Gin and her husband David Payton. They rode with us back to Oklahoma and stayed with us for a week and while they were here we attended the family reunion for the Dunaway, Whitely, and Coleman families. (Dunaway is Dorothy's maiden name).

Gin and Dave's grandson Davey and his family.
Dave and Gin at this restaurant in Adrian, TX. for
hamburgers. It sits at the midpoint of Highway 66 between
Chicago and Los Angeles.
Severe weather began to break out ahead of us in Oklahoma so we began to slow down and stopped often to keep the storms ahead of us. The weather was moving east and so were we.  The streets were still wet in Oklahoma City as we rolled through and the Moore tornado had already done its damage.
 Trees stripped of their limbs and houses severely damaged were easily
seen from I-40 as we drove through Shawnee


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