Saturday, May 11, 2013

Quote of the Day

A fight to the finish is what finishes a marriage.  That's because over the course of married life, people supply their spouses with precisely what's required to finish them off.  The question is not who can win, because anyone can win if they're willing to go far enough--if they're willing to win at the cost  of love and respect.  The question is who can resist the temptation of winning.  If your marriage is healthy, you are fighting to restore the balance of power.  You are fighting to find out what's worth fighting for...and you will find out that what you are fighting for is the marriage itself.  What matters most to a marriage is forgiveness, and forgiveness doesn't come for free. You have to fight for it.

--Tom Junod, quoted in The Week

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Raksha said...

Oh, this is just brilliant. I'm a regular contributor to an online discussion board, and I'm sure I'll find a use for this quote in some context--probably more than one.

In fact, I think I'll post as my status update on Facebook. I hope you don't mind, although I can't imagine why you would. Although personally I have been a widow for some time now, my daughter got married last summer. I'm sure she'll appreciate the wisdom of it, as will many of my friends, whatever their marital status. Also, I'm not quite ready to kick it all in myself, as far as relationships with the opposite sex are concerned. I do allow myself a glimmer of hope now and then. LOL