Friday, November 12, 2004

from amoeba to man?

There's a controversy brewing in the courts over the stickers applied to science text books in an Atlanta school district. The stickers alert students to the disclaimer that although the book teaches evolution as a fact, it is still just a theory.
Of course, scientists are up in arms over this; they insist that evolution is indeed a fact. Here's my take on this: Scientists believe whole heartedly in the second theory of thermodynamics which states that the entire universe is undergoing a process of entropy; that is, it is gradually decaying, tending toward chaos and dissolution. Entropy and evolution cannot exist together. If there is a force breaking things down to the lowest common denominator then how can things continue to become more complex over time? Well, the answer for me is that there is a force that holds all things together; I believe that evolution is the process that God has used to bring the universe into existence. Scientists make light of the faith of religious people but the leap of faith they make is incredible. There are a few chasms that my mind can't leap over. The first is accepting that something sprang from nothing. I just can't believe that there was nothingness in space (even space is a tangible something) and then suddenly there was matter. The second chasm is how the inorganic became organic; in other words, how did life spring up from the primordial ooze? Sorry, I just don't have enough faith to believe that enzymes, proteins, and molecules, at one point in time came together at random and became life. And there's that enormous gap between animals and man. Although humans share 97% of their DNA with chimpanzees, we are light years away from the chimps in intelligence. No, I believe that God created the universe and is working out a plan for humanity.

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Anonymous said...

I wholehearted agree with you, even though I'm thinking I only understood about a third of what you said. Pat Emery