Tuesday, November 02, 2004

the red cheek days are here

Today was cold and dreary with a blustery wind. It looks like winter is upon us. If I can get through this one it will be my last winter to deliver the mail. Today I stopped for lunch at Braum's. (for my global readers, Braum's is a fast food restaurant like McDonalds but found mainly in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas) There were several senior citizens in line ahead of me and they stood motionless staring at the menu. I only have a half hour to eat and I get impatient with people who never give a thought as to what they're going to eat until they take their turn at the register. It's not like they have a long and complicated menu. They probably eat there often, and probably eat the same thing each time, but feel the need to deliberate as if their choices were going to determine the fate of the free world. And when it comes time to pay, they open their wallets and fondle each bill before reluctantly handing it over to the cashier. Oh, I guess I shouldn't poke fun at older people, after all, I'm tottering on the verge of geezerhood myself.
It turned out great though, when I finally reached the counter and gave the cashier my order, my lunch appeared on a tray in front of me. The cook saw that I was in a long line, knew what I usually order, and had it ready for me. There are some people in this world that go the extra mile, and it inspires me to do the same.
Check back often, I have lots of things to gripe about this week.

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