Wednesday, November 03, 2004

let me gripe for a moment

Have you ever attempted to exit a Wal-mart store only to be stopped by the greeter when you set off the anti-theft alarm? It's happened to me several times. I can always produce the receipt, but it's embarrassing to be suspected of theft. The cashier who rang up the purchased failed to deactivate the gizmo that sets off the alarm. I've asked many people about this and most of them have had the same experience. This is a real public relations problem for Wal-mart, although I doubt they're concerned, seeing that they have a captive clientele. A friend works at Wal-mart as a greeter so I asked her about it. She said the alarm goes off frequently and the vast majority of times it's simply that the cashier did not deactivate the item. She's complained to management about it, but with no result. I asked her if she ever catches an actual thief. She said that in the last four years they've caught one person who was trying to get out the door with an article of merchandise worth $1.49. Hmm. . .

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