Wednesday, November 29, 2006

only in oklahoma

Tonight we're experiencing a phenomenon that seems to be unique to Oklahoma and it environs. We're under a tornado watch and a winter storm warning at the same time. It was warm and humid this afternoon, then a thunderstorm blew in knocking out the electricity. The temperature has dropped 30 degrees in the last few hours. Soon the rain will turn to freezing rain, sleet, then snow. Travel will be almost impossible. Dorothy just started a new job this week in Tahlequah and we're hoping her employer will shut down for the bad weather and she won't have to go in. Of course, if she does go in, I'll have to drive her to work. How ironic, that after twenty one years of driving over there in winter, I'll have to drive Dorothy after I've retired.

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Anonymous said...

Have you really retired, or are you still teaching ESL? ML of full fath.