Friday, November 10, 2006

random thoughts

I was surprized when I noticed that I hadn't posted since last Sunday. The time is slipping away. Every day goes by so fast I hardly have time to pay attention to it. All the great philosophers tell we should seize the moment. If only I could cease the moment.

Yesterday, I was raking leaves in the front yard. The hammock looked inviting in the stark afternoon light. I haven't used it since last fall. It was a retirement gift from Dorothy. I layed down the rake and prepared to ease into it. Getting into one of those things is not like riding a bicycle, you do forget how to balance and shift your weight just so to avoid flipping out the other side.

Dorothy and I went to yard sales today. I'm trying to increase the inventory for my online book sales. She seems better able to spot those small yard sale signs at the corners of intersections than I am. I have a theory. It goes back to prehistoric times when men were hunters and women were gatherers. Men, after eons of searching the horizon for signs of migrating Mastodons and Woolly Mammoths, have lost the ability to see things right under their noses, while women have an uncanny ability to spot garage sale signs because of generation after generation of searching for roots and berries. Dorothy says that women are just smarter than men. I can think of no viable argument or evidence to contradict her assertion.


Maya's Granny said...

And maybe women got smarter by looking for small things like roots and berries. That way, you are both right.

Dawn said...

Ah, but as you've shown in your post, men's intelligence has continued to grow since he now knows it is not worth arguing with the wife about obvious answers.:)

Lorna said...

I know the pitfalls of time management of the retired person,s life---the upside is that I'm actually retired. The management of my time seems secondary, even though it sucks.