Sunday, November 05, 2006

random thoughts

A few days ago I rolled up to the ATM and there was a woman parked at the machine. From my vantage point behind her vehicle I could see she was doing something, her shoulders barely moving and her head down. I assumed she was filling out a deposit slip. A few minutes went by and she hadn't conducted any business. After a few more minutes I was ready to start honking but I didn't want to be as rude as she was, although I was tempted to get out and ask her to move aside if she wasn't actually going to use the machine, but I thought she might be startled into dialing 911 and then I would have to explain to the local constabulary that I wasn't accosting her for the purposes of rape or robbery, I was just wanting to get some legal cash from the machine. She finally noticed me in her rear view and still took another minute to make a deposit, get cash and move on. Why do people wait until they're at the ATM before they begin to fill out deposit slips? Couldn't they do that at home? When I worked for the Postal Service, some people would drive up to the outside collection boxes and sit there writing checks for their bills, and one by one stuffing them into envelopes, stamping them, then dropping them into the box. Having a line of cars behind them with people wanting to deposit their outgoing mail didn't seem to phase them. It usually took a lot of horn honking and cursing to get them to move. Why? Were they not taught to be courteous by their parents?My generation was taught to take turns, share, and to maintain some sense of order, not that 100% of us do. What is happening?


Anonymous said...

You could have always got out and went up to her car asked if she needed help like Mom did before!!! Kelly

Maya's Granny said...

These things are a puzzle, aren't they? And, the same people who make you wait would honk like crazy if you made them wait.

The Mom With Brownies (The story of us) said...

And what's up with adults not being able to pick a line? I cannot stand it when I drive up or walk up to a line and everyone is waiting around behind 2 or more lines, jockeying for a position instead of pulling in or walking up begind one of the two or three lines available. Pick A Line Already. Goodness!

Envoy-ette said... pet peeves disappeared!