Saturday, November 18, 2006

the perfect cup

I bought this cup at a yard sale for ten cents. It's the perfect cup. It's made of thick crockery, and look at the handle, it's shaped just so to balance the cup across the fulcrum of the middle finger. Whoever made this cup knows how it should feel in a person's hand. Holding it is half the pleasure of drinking my morning coffee. Dorothy thinks it's the wrong color for me. Not very masculine. It's not really pink; more of a salmon, but being the renaissance man that I am, I have no problem getting in touch with my feminine side. It's not the color or even the fact that it's made from heavy, thick crockery that I like so much. It's that it's so ergonomically satisfying.

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Anonymous said...

Wally: I love cups like this - but I have to keep to a travel-cup with a top on it that closes up to keep my coffee as hot as possible. I can no longer drink out of an ergonomically perfect cup like this salmon-beauty of yours because the travel-cup has spoiled me for lukewarm coffee. MLof full fath.