Saturday, December 11, 2004

lagging christmas spirit

Dorothy and I just aren't with it this year. No Christmas cards have been sent yet. I haven't plugged in the exterior lights. (They're still up from last year, even the year before that; come to think of it, they've been up there for a long time. All I have to do is plug them in. Maybe tomorrow, Monday at the latest.) We haven't even put up the tree yet. Last night I suggested waiting until Christmas Eve, and she didn't even object. I know! I'll get out my Nat King Cole Christmas CD and pour us some egg nog spiked with just a little rum. Think that will help?


Anonymous said...

We have much better Christmases now that we've stopped "doing" Christmas. I guess you could say we have a Buddhist Christmas... For the last 8 years, every Christmas unfolds the way it's supposed to. Sometimes we have a tree, sometimes we don't (we got one this year, but so far it's only got red lights on it). Sometimes we give gifts (if the inspiration or need coincides with the holiday), sometimes we don't. We sort of discuss it early in December ("Feel like a tree?" "Are we doing Christmas this year?"). I guess in Wally's case, it's "Shall we plug in the outside lights this year or not?"
I seem to think more about the birth of Jesus and the true Christmas spirit now, and interestingly, I like Christmas carols more than ever. We do continue to have our hot chocolate on Christmas morning (though this year, thanks to Dorothy, we'll also have chocolate gravy)and we spend Christmas day together. And then, I know I'll once again be Christmas-crazy once I have grandkids! Pat

wally said...

It seems like you have a handle on Christmas. I like your style. It's true, when the grandkids come along Christmas changes in a big way. You are able to vicariously return to those childhood days when it was such a wonder.