Sunday, December 26, 2004

sandwich artists?

Subway is opening a new shop in Westville and they put a help wanted ad in the paper recruiting "sandwich artists". Sandwich artist? Come on. In an age where every fast food chain is proud to offer cookie cutter fare, where you can buy identical food at every one of their identical shops, they're trying to recruit artists, people who are eccentric, non-conforming stand outs? What if they hire a Picasso and the sandwiches only resemble sandwiches in the most abstract way? Or how about a Jackson Pollock? Won't the sandwiches, the crew and even the customer be splattered by the application of the condiments? No, they need to change their ad to recruit sandwich engineers or sandwich technicians. I'd better call them right now and alert them to their mistake.

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Sandie said...

HI Wally,
I read your Blog all the time, afterall I don't want to miss anything. Tonight I had to reply to this one. I know you have to be serious that "artist" bit in the Subway Ad. I just can't believe that Subway would think there was anything "Artistic" about the sandwiches. I thnk I will ask when I go in next time if that is what they call themselves.........LOL
Thanks as always for a smile.
Take care to all,