Tuesday, December 27, 2005

attack of the ragmuffins

This afternoon I got into a fight with Hunter (3), and Marley (6). They came at me one at a time pummeling and pounding on me. I managed to repel them with a few of my own well placed pummels, until Marley let me have it with a karate kick. (She had warned me earlier that she knew karate but I didn't pay attention) The kick would have had no effect on me had I been wearing an athletic cup, but since I wasn't I doubled over in pain. I grabbed Marley and hugged her because I didn't want her to think she had permanently injured her grandpa (although she probably did).

Have you heard that saying, "old age is not for sissies"? Believe it. I urge all you younger readers to start now: jog, lift weights, take up the martial arts, just to be in shape to play with your grand children. We were playing. Lord help me if those two ever turn on me.

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