Tuesday, December 27, 2005

fire call

I got called out on a fire this evening. I grabbed my radio and went to my pick up; by the time I opened the door Mike, my neighbor and fellow firefighter, drove up. I grabbed my equipment and jumped in with him and off to the fire station we went. At the station we mounted up in our big truck and off we went, red lights and siren. This is the first call where I rode in the fire truck. It's pretty cool rolling down the highway and all the other cars pulling over to give us the right of way. We went a couple miles down highway 62 and then 2 miles up Crazy Hollow Rd, where a shed was on fire. The Westville department beat us there with 3 trucks, so we eased on up to the fire and went to work. Mike manned the hose, while I fed it to him, kept it kink free and made sure it didn't catch on anything. It didn't take long to knock the fire down. During the fire it seems you have all the energy you need, but as soon as it's over and the adrenalin backs off, you realize how tired and thirsty you are. We were fortunate that we're not having a normal winter. Normally it would be below freezing and a lot of the water would have frozen on the ground making it very slippery. Instead we had a high today of 70 degrees and it got hot under that heavy coat. After the fire we returned the truck to the station and refilled it with water. Just another day in the life of a firefighter.

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