Friday, December 16, 2005

four month retirement report

Well, it's been four months since my last day at work. I'll probably be writing these updates until I've been retired for a year. It'll probably take that long to let the job completely seep from my psyche and body.

I've settled into a nice routine of 9 hours of sleep per night. Last night I resumed my practice of meditation. While working, after I ate breakfast and readied myself for work, I would meditate for about 20 minutes before I left home, but I haven't been able to do that since my last day on the job. But, I'm finding that you have to make time for the necessary things, and work at letting the little, unnecessary, time wasting things go by the wayside.

I'm keeping busy on Christmas projects. There are a few woodcraft projects I need to bear down on this next week and get finished. After the holidays I have plenty of other jobs that have been added to the list, so there's no danger of me becoming bored or idle.

The best thing that has happened over these last four months is the gradual relaxation and realization that I'm finished with one chapter of my life and have begun a new one. I know for many people retirement is looked at as something final, the end; and one just waits on the front porch for the grim reaper. But I see years and years of joyful anticipation and activity stretching out before me. The years are plums for me to pick and savor.

I'm not rich, in fact it's quite the opposite. But, the things I want from life are not purchased with money. In fact, I already possess them and have for a long time. Now, I have the time to enjoy them. Dorothy and I have thought of taking part time jobs to earn a little spending money. You know, a job that would be fun, interesting, with an intelligent, well adjusted boss, a challenge to our abilities and talents. But what is the likelihood of that happening? Pardon me, I've been dabbling in a little science fiction.


lucylocket said...

When Mike went back to work after retiring, it was a bit difficult for him going from being the "boss" to being. . .not the boss.

wally said...

I can understand how that would be a problem.

Dawn said...

My dad retires in 61 days (he keeps a count that he updates regularly), I'll have to have him read your blog so that he can see how busy retirement can be.

wally said...

I kept a short timer's calender for the 20 months before my retirement. I did some pretty cool photoshop pictures and changed them every month until some people from the district manager's office came through and failed to see the humor of it and I had to take them down. None the less, I managed to annoy most of my co-workers every time I announced how many days I had let.