Friday, December 02, 2005


Last night at the monthly volunteer fire dept. meeting they voted to accept my membership. I was issued a radio, a fire suit, and this cool fire hat you see at the left. I keep the radio on pager mode and when I receive a page I get on the radio and receive instructions as to the location of the fire/accident/incident. Tuesday I will attend the first of many training sessions at the local Vo-tech. I was planning on just goofing off during retirement, but I'm getting busier as the time goes by. I'm a Watchdog at my grand daughter's school, I've started painting landscapes and still lifes again. I'm doing woodworking. Not to mention keeping the yard up. I'm selling on eBay and Amazon. Dorothy and I are planning some trips. The grand kids are planning some they want us to take them on. I hope I can get a nap in once in awhile.


Anonymous said...

But you are busy with good things, things that you WANT to do.
The fireman thing is very cool by the way!

Dawn said...

Whew, you are busier in retirement than some are during their careers.

Sherrill said...

Yes, it's good that you are staying active. I'm not say I can't picture you relaxing sometimes, but definitely don't picture you as the sedentary type.