Monday, December 05, 2005

first fire call

This morning, I received my first call out for a fire. The radio said there was a fire on Tyner Creek caused by a downed electric wire. The power company was on the scene. I was on my way to the fire station when I got a call to go to another location and pick up a truck there. I had just got into the truck when a call came over the radio cancelling the run. The fire was out. So I drove my own truck up to the fire just to get the experience of finding the location. We responded with two trucks and three volunteer firemen. I guess it was a good drill for my first time. I didn't even get to wear my fire hat.

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Sherrill said...

You are so fortunate! Out in Silver City, OK they often get 3 calls a day for fires with it being so dry.

My dad now works for Affordable Fire Equipment out of Mannford, OK, so if you are ever in charge of getting supplies, ask for Wayne Fowler!