Saturday, August 19, 2006

dirty campaigns

It seems like political campaigns are worse each election year. I know history shows that muckraking and mudslinging is nothing new but I'm getting tired of it. I've decided to vote for the opposition whenever a politician spends his campaign funds and time to tear down his opponent instead of simply declaring his own qualifications for the job. We Americans think of our country as the greatest in the world, but we keep electing dishonest people who are completely lacking in character. Our national character is suffering for it. It's time for us to look beyond the speeches and the rhetoric and start demanding excellence from our elected representatives. How? We can start by investigating these people. A simple way to do it is to Google them. Using the internet, it won't be difficult to find out our congressman's voting record. You may discover that your representative promised while campaigning to do one thing and did the opposite, once elected. Hold your congressman's feet to the fire. Write letters. They may be able to finance their way into office using special interest and lobbying money, but they still need our votes. If we don't participate in this great democracy of ours there will come a time when they won't need our votes.

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Maya's Granny said...

I write letters to my representatives on all levels of government. Sometimes when they do something I don't like, but as often as possible when they do something I do like. Gotta let them know when they get it right!

Of course, some of them never do anything right. Gotta tell them that, as well.