Thursday, August 03, 2006

my own walking track

After my neighbor, Mike, mowed the hay and baled it, he brush-hogged a perimeter around the pasture. I'm using that as a walking track. It beats going into town and using theirs.

One time around the pasture is about 1/2 mile. I can get a good workout every day. I walked three times around today and found no ticks on me when I finished. That's a good thing. At one time I tried to jog along these country roads but dogs were such a problem I had to quit.

The governor imposed a burn ban yesterday. We can still grill but can't burn trash or grass. It's getting dry. I checked the creek while I was walking and there's very little water in it. Now, if they come up with an order to conserve water that will be the end of my garden. I have to water it every couple of days with these 100+ degree days and no rain.

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