Monday, July 31, 2006

one step backward in the kitchen

I've been making great progress learning to cook, until today. I found this great recipe for beef chile relleno casserole. I went to the garden and got the chile peppers and bell pepper that I needed. I got everything ready and started combining ingredients. I looked at the recipe and it called for a tablespoon of salt, or so I thought. That seemed like too much salt so I read it again. I should have used my reading glasses. I put the tablespoon of salt in the ground beef that was browning on the stove and then read the recipe one more time. This time it said one teaspoon. After hitting my forehead with the butt of my hand I looked in the frying pan and the salt was pretty well absorbed. I went ahead and added all the other ingredients. Maybe it wont be so bad. All that other stuff should soak up some of the salt. I tasted it. Yeccch!

I went to the computer and Googled the problem. I found a solution! I cut up a potato and added it into the mix, let it cook awhile then fished out the potato pieces and threw them away. It helped some, but it was still too salty. Dorothy likes salty food so maybe she won't notice. I ate some for lunch. It wasn't so bad, although I've drank two glasses of iced tea since eating.

I enjoy cooking but there's a bit of mystery to it. For instance, how does the kitchen stay so clean when Dorothy cooks? I fill the sink with soapy water and wash the pots and pans as I go, but there's still a mess when I finish. In spite of my efforts to keep it neat, I found grated cheese in the silverware drawer and bits of ground beef all over the stove top. By the way, here's a tip, wait a while before you clean the stove, those burner grates are hot when you pick them up. Our kitchen sink has been draining slow. I told Dorothy it was because of all the grease she pours down the sink. She said she never pours grease down the sink. I guess it's from the grease I've been pouring down the sink.

I'm not going to give up; in fact, I'll make Kung Pao Chicken this Wednesday. I've done that before and it turned out good. I'm thinking about throwing this relleno dish away before Dorothy comes home, so don't tell her I wrote this. Let's just keep it between you and me.


Maya's Granny said...

In case the sink is little teeny solid stuff rather than grease, you can get very fine mesh screens to put in your sink and you would be amazed at what they screen out. I found mine in a catalog a few years ago; haven't had to have my sinks snaked since. If it is grease, run boiling water down the drain until it flows freely.

wally said...

Thanks for the tip.

Dawn said...

So how did the Kung Pao come out?

wally said...

The Kung Pao was very good. I've done it before so it was a little easier this time.