Thursday, July 13, 2006

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Whenever we go west we have to have hamburgers at the In-N-Out.
Dorothy puts the finishing touches on the groom's cake at her sister Gin's house.
Dorothy made the layers of this cake at home and they rode, wrapped in plastic wrap, under the seat of our mini-van. She decorated it and stacked the layers just before the wedding.
Father of the groom Dave Payton, Pam, Ray, and mother of the groom Gin. (Dorothy's sister) We arrived just before the ceremony started and were seated at the back of the church so I was unable to get good photos.
Ray's sister Kathy with her daughter Sally. The baby is my grand daughter Jenna Grace.
I love western art and I found this huge painting (12'X6') in the entryway of the Dambar Steakhouse where the reception was held in Kingman.


Dawn said...

Dorothy did a wonderful job on the cake, she must have lots of experience decorating them.

wally said...

She's been decorating cakes for almost 40 yrs. and owned her own business for six years.