Friday, July 21, 2006

hot hot hot

Our back yard looks nice after it's been mowed, doesn't it? My neighbor Mike Wolf did this for us.
I went out to check the garden this afternoon and everything was sagging, even the okra. You know it's hot when okra begins to droop. Okra is a plant belonging to the Hibiscus family that originated in Africa and maybe even further to the east. The Africans sold into slavery brought it with them to the Caribbean and America where it's been a staple in the diet of southerners ever since. Some people don't like it. If you've never tried it let me warn you; don't boil it. You'll never eat it again. Dorothy cuts it up, coats it with a mixture of flour and corn meal and fries it. There's nothing better this time of year than fried okra, potatoes and green beans, tomatoes, squash, and corn on the cob. Of course, a tall glass of iced tea is a necessary accompaniment.


lucylocket said...

Every now and then, my mother would simply boil okra. I loved it even though it was slimy.

Too bad that you couldn't keep the fireman's hat.

Lorna said...

I've never had okra, and didn't even know what it looked like. We have a kind of cheese called Oka, and I guess that's why I always thought okra was a cracker.

wally said...

I'll post a photo of the edible part of okra for those who have never seen it.